Calgary Commercial Litigation Lawyers

Commercial disputes can be complex and may become unmanageable quickly, leading to lost profits and damaged business relationships. The talented commercial litigation lawyers at DBB Law take steps to position their clients for success from the outset of every file while working towards a cost-effective and timely solution. When possible, we prioritize a non-confrontational approach to resolving conflict to maintain professional relationships. Our skilled commercial litigation team creatively and effectively solves problems and consults with clients at every stage of the process.

Cutting-Edge Litigation Strategies & Dispute Resolution

The commercial litigation lawyers at DBB Law simplify the legal jargon, identify the issues at the heart of each file, and create innovative, modern legal strategies to resolve them. With a variety of legislative and common law remedies available to resolve commercial disputes, we take decisive action to prevent additional financial loss and protect our clients’ interests.

The commercial lawyers and support staff at DBB Law are accessible, responsive and trustworthy. We are available to provide top-tier representation at any stage of a commercial dispute and assist our clients in resolving disputes in the most cost-effective and expeditious manner.

Top-Tier Commercial Litigation Services

The commercial litigation lawyers at DBB Law are proud to provide comprehensive advice to businesses of all sizes on various commercial litigation matters, including business contract disputes, debtor and creditor issues, and shareholder disputes.

Commercial Contract Disputes

Contract disputes, including situations involving breach of contract, can arise in any business transaction. Some examples of common contract claims include:

  • A failure to provide goods and services in accordance with a purchase agreement;
  • A buyer failing to obtain proper financing and make timely payment on a real estate purchase;
  • Borrowers or parties receiving goods on credit fail to pay;
  • Disagreements arising from commercial lease or franchise agreements;
  • Disputes regarding the parties’ rights and obligations arising in relation to contracts for the sale of shares or assets, including claims for misrepresentation;
  • Misinterpretation or breach of partnership or shareholder agreements;
  • Project delays caused by missed supply deadlines, as in construction agreements; and
  • Situations involving frustration of a contract, where the performance of the agreement has been drastically impeded or made impossible by circumstances not anticipated in the contract.

DBB Law represents parties on either side of a contract dispute and helps clients recover damages (for example, for debts owing, lost profits or business opportunities). We also are skilled at obtaining other legal remedies when damages alone will not address a contractual breach, such as specific performance and injunctions.

Debtor & Creditor Issues

Collections matters require an in-depth understanding of the variety of legal remedies available under the law in Alberta. The commercial litigators at DBB Law represent parties in debt collection actions and have experience with a full range of debtor-creditor proceedings, including:

  • Enforcing contracts for the lending of monies or the supply of goods;
  • Obtaining judgments and proceeding with enforcement remedies including garnishment and compelling financial disclosure;
  • Seizure and sale of land or other property; and
  • Securing land interests, including through the registration of liens, Caveats and Certificates of Lis Pendens.

Shareholder Disputes

Disagreements between shareholders and a company can create substantial turmoil and lead to business disruptions. Fortunately, some shareholder disputes can be resolved without litigation, such as by amending the shareholder agreement or facilitating the buyout of a shareholder or share class.

Some common issues in shareholder disputes include:

  • Disagreements about the scope and enforceability of non-competition and non-solicitation covenants;
  • Share purchases and buyouts;
  • The closure or winding up of all or part of the business;
  • Oppressive action taken by majority shareholders, directors, or officers, to the detriment of minority shareholders;
  • Disputes about the valuation of shares or share classes; and
  • Failure of a shareholder, director, or officer to uphold their fiduciary duties.

DBB Law skillfully navigates shareholder disputes and takes quick action to resolve conflict with minimal impact on business operations. When litigation is the best course of action, our commercial litigators know which legal remedies to pursue to protect the client’s interests, whether through claims for oppression remedies or derivative actions.

DBB Law: Providing Calgary With Modern, Pragmatic Commercial Litigation Solutions

At DBB Law, our motivated and knowledgeable commercial litigation team draws upon its considerable experience to obtain the best possible results for each client. We work to create modern and unique solutions to maximize value and minimize risk while providing compelling advocacy on behalf of clients throughout Alberta. Whether advising business owners or shareholders, we pride ourselves on delivering top-quality legal advice and representation in a wide range of commercial disputes. Contact DBB Law by phone at 403-265-7777 online to arrange a consultation with a member of our talented team today.