Calgary Corporate Lawyers Advising on Business Purchases & Sales

Business purchases and sales are complex legal and financial transactions involving a myriad of considerations. While purchasing an existing business can lessen the risk of starting a new venture, it requires careful due diligence to preserve the parties’ rights and avoid future litigation.

DBB Law helps buyers and sellers identify potential liabilities and clearly understand the business, its assets, and its brand. We support clients and their business goals by meticulously guiding them through every stage of a purchase or sale to ensure a smooth, successful transition.

Preparing for a Business Purchase or Sale

DBB Law assists clients with every step of a business purchase or sale, including pre-purchase/sale inquiries. We advocate for our client’s interests long before an agreement is reached and provide personalized advice on all initial considerations, including:

  • Obtaining/providing preliminary information on the nature and viability of the business, including assets and liabilities, brand reputation, tax status, and real estate holdings;
  • Drafting, reviewing, and executing any pre-purchase/sale documents, including a letter of intent and confidentiality agreements; and
  • Securing appropriate financing, including agreements with private lenders, equity options, and venture capital organizations.

Confidence Based on Comprehensive Due Diligence

As a business acquisition moves forward, it is critical for the purchaser to get a clear, facts-based review of the business’s sustainability. Cutting corners on the due diligence process can lead to costly future disputes and long-term reputational damage.

The business law group at DBB Law conducts trusted, comprehensive due diligence, including a detailed review of:

  • The business’s management structure;
  • All current contracts;
  • The share structure and current members of share classes;
  • All property holdings and leases, including real estate, inventory, and equipment; and
  • All liabilities, including debts, legal actions, tax bills, and insolvency issues.

Purchase Agreements & Post-Acquisition Support

Once all due diligence has been conducted, DBB Law ensures the resulting purchase agreement secures our client’s interests and is structured around a fair purchase price. We assist with drafting, negotiating, and reviewing the purchase agreement and advise clients on all associated matters, including purchase price structure, closing conditions, indemnity clauses, and other areas of risk.

DBB Law also provides continuous support after the purchase agreement has been signed. We offer creative, innovative legal advice to ensure the smoothest transition possible, including strategies for integrating existing operations with the newly-acquired business.

DBB Law: Providing Leading-Edge Representation in Business Purchases & Sales

DBB Law has built a reputation for successfully representing private and public sector clients in business purchases and sales of all sizes and complexity. Our corporate law group is a collaborative team of senior and junior lawyers who combine their knowledge and experience to provide dynamic, modern legal solutions. Clients can be confident that their acquisition will be backed by the most extensive, detailed due diligence processes.

Conveniently located in the heart of downtown Calgary, DBB Law offers tailored, cutting-edge legal solutions and advice in a broad range of business, corporate and commercial law matters. Our firm is a team of proud Albertans who build robust relationships with businesses across all industries. To schedule a consultation with a member of our business and corporate law group, please contact us online or by phone at 403-265-7777.