Gillian Sinclair retires from DBB

February 9, 2015

Gillian Sinclair, partner with DBB, has retired from a successful legal career. Gillian practiced family law with the firm for 15 years, and played an important role in the DBB team, including a three year position as co-managing partner. Gillian also led the recent DBB website re-design. She was a committed team member and always worked hard to get the best results for her clients.

In addition to her busy law practice, Gillian provided pro-bono legal advice at the Women’s Centre, mentoring students and junior lawyers with the University of Calgary’s Pro Bono Law Program and Student Legal Services. She is a former Calgary Flames Ambassador and participated in fundraising for the Flames Foundation for Life as well as other charities.


We would like to thank Gillian for all her hard work and dedication to DBB, and we look forward to hearing about Gillian’s exciting new life in London, England!


If you require legal services related to family law, please contact Jason Wilkins, Managing Partner.


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