Formal Complaints submitted to Calgary Police Service

March 6, 2017

Bullying and harassment complaints delivered to Chief of Police


(Calgary, AB, March 6, 2017)— Fourteen current and former Calgary Police Service (CPS) employees submitted their formal complaints to Chief Constable Chaffin on Friday, March 3rd, 2017. The employees allege that the CPS failed to provide a safe environment for them, resulting in years of workplace bullying and harassment.


“Filing the formal complaints is the first step in starting the external investigation promised by Chief Chaffin. It is critical that the CPS move swiftly to address these complaints, and make comprehensive changes to ensure a safe and respectful work environment,” said DBB’s lead counsel on this matter. “We are seeking assurances from the Chief and the CPS that employees who file complaints will not face further bullying, retaliation or damage to their careers as a result of coming forward.”


After the handover of complaints, the Chief, CPS legal counsel, and Dunphy Best Blocksom LLP will work together to choose an external investigator, with whom the parties will determine the process and parameters for the investigation.


“We look forward to determining an appropriate process and timeline with CPS and the investigator, so that these complaints can be addressed in an unbiased, constructive, and expeditious manner,” said West.


DBB’s employment law team has been assisting Jen Magnus and the other employees in understanding and assessing their options.

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