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Surrogacy Law

Surrogacy law in Canada can be difficult to understand. In the last year, surrogacy law in Alberta has improved significantly making it easier for individuals or couples to become parents through surrogacy.


DBB specializes in surrogacy law in Alberta and Canada. Our surrogacy lawyers are widely regarded as leaders in the area of third party reproductive law. We guide and counsel intended parents, surrogates, egg or sperm donors quickly and accurately through the legal process in Alberta.


We have helped hundreds of couples and individuals who wish to become parents, as well as surrogates, with all aspects of surrogacy law including drafting surrogacy contracts, parentage declarations and obtaining birth certificates from Vital Statistics. Surrogacy agencies from across Canada often refer their clients to us for assistance with surrogacy legal services in Alberta.


Our approach to surrogacy law is just as important as our expertise: caring, quick and cost-efficient


We understand that families have often expended considerable time and resources trying to become pregnant before they turn to surrogacy. Our surrogacy lawyers pride themselves on handling surrogacy law related matters in a supportive, timely and cost-efficient manner for all parties. After all, this process is about helping families get the best start possible.



Reproductive technology & surrogacy law services


We can help we clients negotiate and prepare:

  • Surrogacy contracts
  • Parentage declarations
  • Applications for birth certificates and/or passports
  • Assistance with necessary revisions to Alberta health records



Surrogacy in Alberta: did you know…


  • If you and your husband cannot produce children and you have a genetic link to the baby being born with your surrogate (your sperm or egg was used), you can be recognized as parents of the child, complete with your names on the birth certificate within a month of the baby’s birth.
  • Gay couples are treated the same as heterosexual couples in Alberta when it comes to reproductive technology law.
  • International couples are treated the same as resident couples when there is some genetic link to the baby.
  • Types of surrogacy differ: genetic, donor egg, donor sperm, traditional



FAQs: surrogacy laws in Canada


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Learn more about surrogacy contracts and parentage applications in Alberta or contact us for a personal consultation on surrogacy laws.